Reminder: Storage of Unlicensed Vehicles

Understanding that this section of the Zoning Ordinance is sometimes overlooked, the Selectmen would like to remind property owners of the Town’s policies regarding storage of unlicensed vehicles. 

Per Zoning Ordinance Article III, 150-19: 

“On any lot, in any district, no more than two unlicensed motor vehicles shall be parked or stored except in authorized auto sales areas, enclosed buildings or approved junkyards unless, however, the unlicensed motor vehicles are special, such as homemade or factory customized competition machines, in which case no more than two such unlicensed special motor vehicles shall be parked or stored except out of sight from adjacent property or from a public or private way, and may be subject to RSA 236:91-III. This does not pertain to farm vehicles or other vehicles which are in active use that do not require license plates.”


Board of Selectmen

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