Selectmen's Update: August 17, 2021

The Board discussed an ongoing land use issue during their work session last night and next steps to bring the property into compliance with our Zoning Ordinance.

The Board also discussed broadband updates. The NH Electric Cooperative is working with the Town to secure a site for a broadband “hut”; this is a small communications station for the broadband to power and then tap off into different directions.  

The Town received notice last week of an $840,493 award from the Northern Border Regional Commission; funds will be used to support the NH Electric Coop’s implementation of a fiber system throughout town.

The Board wrapped up their work session discussing Selectman Haight’s potential service on the NH Municipal Association (NHMA) Board of Directors; the NHMA provides invaluable insight into the ever-evolving world of municipal and state law and all civil matters that impact New Hampshire towns and cities.

In their regular meeting, the Board signed several items: payroll and accounts payable manifests; a timber tax warrant; Sandwich Fair Association permit requests for 2 parades, temporary signs, and to use the Town’s leach field overflow area for parking; a payment agreement for a 2018 tax lien and three tax deed waivers.

Following a past meeting with David Rabinowitz, the Board appointed Mr. Rabinowitz to the Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), noting appreciation for his interest in fulfilling this role. The TAC provides advice to the Lakes Region Planning Commission (LRPC) concerning transportation issues and needs of the Lakes Region.

As previously mentioned, the Trustees of Trust Funds, Conservation Commission, and newly revived Energy Committee have openings for regular and alternate/temporary member appointments; the Board plans to meet with folks interested in fulfilling these vacancies next week during their work session at 4:00 pm. Please reach out to the Selectmen’s Office for any further information regarding committee vacancies. As always, thank you to our volunteers!!

The Board discussed resident correspondence regarding a site plan review application. The Planning Board is charged with reviewing site plans for the development, change, or expansion of use of tracts for nonresidential uses, for residential cluster developments, or for multiple-unit residential developments of more than two units.

The Board acknowledged receipt of resident correspondence related to a dispute following the recent conclusion of the Tamworth-Sandwich boundary line perambulation; the Board noted appreciation for the resident’s research; this matter will be resolved in Superior Court.

The Board revisited conversation regarding the title of the Director of Administration position. Traditional titles in town government include Administrative Assistant, Town Administrator, and Town Manager. Though there is no change in statutory authority when comparing the titles of Administrative Assistant, Director of Administration, and Town Administrator, the Board is considering the title change of Town Administrator to better reflect the existing role of the Director of Administration.

The Board appreciated all community members and Town employees who attended the Selectmen’s Community Picnic on Sunday and recognized all of the hard work that went into logistics, setup, providing food, and honoring Cathy Graham’s 18 years of extraordinary service to the Town. Thank you!

Lastly, the Selectmen discussed employment opportunities including a position in the Highway Department and the role of the Compliance Officer. Though the Compliance Officer role has been temporarily filled, the Highway Department is still accepting applications for a full-time employee. Applications are due to the Selectmen’s Office by Thursday, August 26th, at 3:30 pm. Applications are available on the town website and at Town Hall. Further questions regarding the nature of the position should be directed to the Road Agent – (603) - 520-1538.


Board of Selectmen

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