Selectmen's Update: August 2, 2022

The Selectmen began the work session discussing properties with impending tax deeds due to outstanding 2019 tax liens. Town Clerk/Tax Collector Alison Gage provided an overall update on outstanding taxes and pleasantly reports 99% of 2021 property taxes have been collected.

The Board checked in with the Parks and Recreation Director to debrief recent conversations regarding the Remick Park Revitalization effort, a project which has developed over the past year or so. In the regular meeting, several members of the public joined to discuss the effort. Suggestions for future consideration include formalization of a Town committee focused on the project, consideration of alternative locations for the Remick Park skating rink and a handful of ideas for future recreational activities suitable for the park. Whereas previously the Board agreed to move forward with paving plans for a court/skating rink surface in Remick Park, the Board has postponed paving plans until further notice. The Board acknowledged additional planning is required to ensure a successful effort that takes into consideration a broader array of community perspectives and needs. The Selectmen and P&R Director will keep the public apprised of planning/project updates as they develop.

The Board revisited prior discussions regarding a request for placement of a handrail on the steps leading to the Town boat dock. Consistent with previous discussions, the Selectmen will not be making changes to the dock area at this time.

The Board reviewed and approved meeting minutes and signed timber intent to cut forms, timber tax warrants, the AP and payroll manifests, a net metering review form, a quitclaim deed for Map R2 Lot 34, Land Use Change Tax forms, and other items.

The Board reviewed correspondence regarding broadband and concerns as the current phase of broadband rollout will not include Metcalf and Tilton Haley roads due to logistical challenges. The Town is working diligently to support the NH Electric Coop’s rollout for these two roads while acknowledging limited authority in project-related decision making.

The Board is still seeking interest for Budget Advisory Committee members. For questions or to express interest, please reach out to the Selectmen’s Office at 603-284-7701 or

The Selectmen are also seeking interest for Police Building Committee members acknowledging the former committee’s prior work in planning for a future Police Building project. Background information can be found via the meeting minutes available here. The former committee last met in 2017 and given the time that has lapsed since its convening, the Board wishes to put out a new call for interested committee members.

The Board will meet next week, Monday the 8th at 6 PM for “Summer Town Meeting” where they will discuss major projects underway in the past year and upcoming priorities for the next year. The Board discussed format for this meeting and its historical title, noting it is not a traditional town meeting, but instead an annual Selectmen’s Meeting to review general priorities and updates for the year.

The Board will be in attendance for a controlled burn of the building at 510 North Sandwich Road on August 7th; we do not anticipate traffic impact.

Don’t forget – the Selectmen’s Cookout is August 14th at 5 PM in the Sandwich Fairgrounds. Please bring a side dish to share with the community!

On August 15th, the Board will hold its next regular meeting and a public hearing to accept and expend up to $50,000 in state ARPA funds for the replacement of the Fire Chief’s 2014 Ford Expedition. Taking advantage of this grant program, the Selectmen can purchase a $50,000 vehicle of which only $5,000 comes from the Town Budget. The Fire Chief’s vehicle was the former police cruiser and is in much need of replacement.

Lastly, the Board revisited previous discussions about methods for communicating with the public, acknowledging their desire to keep the public informed of updates in town affairs; the Selectmen’s Office is working to enhance the current Town website as a more robust tool toward this objective. In the meantime, after much discussion, the Board maintained its prior position that it would not return to using the SandwichBoard as a place for posting extensive updates, but instead links to the town website. All Selectmen’s meetings are open to the public and our agenda/minutes can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you next week at our summer meeting!

Board of Selectmen


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