Recyclable Items

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Below is a list of paper items that can now be recycled.  All of these items may be tightly packed in cardboard boxes or paper bags. Cardboard should be flattened and bundled.

  • cardboard
  • newspapers
  • junk mail
  • office paper / window envelopes
  • fax & NCR paper
  • adding machine tapes
  • magazines / telephone books
  • cereal & food boxes (paste board) / egg cartons


  • aseptic (juice, milk) boxes
  • plastic or wax-coated cardboard
  • foil-containing carrier stock
  • laminated paper / Tyvek
  • carbon paper

Recycling Items


Please wash, remove caps and CRUSH!
All plastics are acceptable for co-mingling.


Please do not throw glass, but place in bins only
   Sort by clear vs. brown or green/blue
   *No pyrex, window glass, light bulbs or tumblers accepted

Aluminum Cans
Scrap metals of all kinds
Auto Batteries
Used Motor Oil (No antifreeze)
Styrofoam peanuts

Other Waste 


All household trash that is not recyclable
*Latex Paint-remove lid to dry out paint; use sand or cat litter; replace lid and throw in compactor.  Oil-based paints are considered Hazardous Waste.

Burn Pile: 

Unfinished wood, brush 5” or less in diameter.
*No painted, stained, treated wood, plywood or OSB

Bulky Waste: 

large bulky items such as box springs, mattresses, furniture and carpets. Please consult Dump Attendant for charges.

Construction Waste: 

For construction projects in Sandwich only.
C&D                      $17.00/yd                                                                                     

Roofing Shingles    $45.00/yd

Sheetrock/Plaster  $25.00/yd

Empty Paint Cans/5 gal. jugs/compound buckets/containers   $ .50 each

*Please consult Dump Attendant for other charges

Tire Pile

No more than 16”     $2.00
Over 16”                  $7.00
On rims                    $7.00

White Goods Pile: 

White goods and major appliances $5.00
With refrigerant                           $15.00

Paper Roll-off: 

Cardboard (flattened), junk mail, office paper, window envelopes,
Newspapers (don’t tie), magazines, telephone books, cereal and food boxes, egg cartons.
*No juice boxes, plastics, foil, laminated paper, or Tyvek

Swap Shop:  Per the Policy, items will only be kept in the Swap Shop for two weeks.  No clothing or non-working appliances will be accepted. 

Bulky Waste:

Table TVs, Monitors, CPUs, Microwaves   $10.00
    Console TVs                                       $20.00
    Couches, large                                   $10.00   small   $5.00
   *Please see Attendant for placement

Propane Tanks: 

Regular size (20 lb)   $2.00
        1 lb.                                      $1.00
       30 lbs. and over                      $20.00

*Please see Attendant for other sizes