Town of Sandwich Facility Permits

Downloadable Form:
2017-2018 Facility Permit Mail-in Form

2017-2018 Permit Stickers and GuestPasses by Mail

Non-residentSandwich Property Owners:  Maximum of four (4) Permit Stickers (Beachand Dump) and two (2) Guest Passes perhousehold.  Valid car registrations arerequired for each sticker requested.

Residents:  Unlimited Permit Stickers (Beach and Dump)and two (2) Guest Passes perhousehold.  Valid car registrations are required for each sticker requested

Please Note:  1.  Property owners must have a permit sticker by April 30, 2017.      Vehicles without a sticker after that date will not be able to use  the Transfer Station and will be assessed a $75.00 fine if found  parked at the Town Beach/Boat Ramp, Bearcamp Pond, Beede Falls, or the Pothole.

  2.  Please remind your guests to display the Guest Pass in a visible location.

  3.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep Guest Passes for two years. 

Permit Stickers are required for:  Boat Ramp (Squam Lake),Town Beach (Squam Lake), Bearcamp Pond Beach, Pothole, Beede Falls, and Transfer Station.

Guest Passes are required for:  Town Beach (Squam Lake), Bearcamp Pond Beach, Pothole, Beede Falls,and Transfer Station

Cost for Permit Stickers and Guest Passes are as follows: 

  Two-Year Permit Stickers:  $10.00

  Two-Year Guest Pass:  $5.00



Name of Property Owner: _______________________________________________

  (Please neatly print name as it appears on the Tax Bill)

Address of Property: ____________________________________________________

Number of Permit Stickers: __________ Number of Guest Passes:  __________

Total $ Enclosed: ____________ (Check payable to:  TOWN OF SANDWICH)

** Before you mail your application, please ensure you have enclosed the following:

  Permit sticker registration form

 Copy of valid car registration for each permit sticker requested

 Self-addressed stamped envelope

  Check in the amount of the number of stickers and guest passes requested

  Mail application to:  Town of Sandwich, PO Box194, Center Sandwich NH 03227