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Frequently Asked Questions

We are going away on vacation and even though we have a person to watch the house, can we have an Officer drive by and check it?

Posted by: Police Department

The Sandwich Police Department does have a House Watch program available. You can pick up a House Watch form at the Police Station, Town Hall, or by downloading the file here.

How can I obtain a pistol permit?

Posted by: Police Department

Please visit the Police Department and complete the form or download the form and bring it in to the Police Department. The Police Department will conduct all necessary background checks. If it is legal for you to obtain or hold a pistol permit, one will be issued to you within 5 to 10 business days. Permits will be made available for pickup at the Town Hall with a nominal fee of $10.

How can I obtain a copy of an accident report?

Posted by: Police Department

Generally accident reports will be available within 5 days. If you would like a copy of your accident report you may receive a copy of it. Normally, insurance companies will request a copy of the report in writing, and we then send it to them directly, with no need of you having to do their work for them. The cost of obtaining an accident report is $15.00 for the report and plain paper photos only, if you require copies of photographs other than what is listed, please see our fees below:

Police Report and glossy prints or CD: $25.00
Police Report with glossy prints and CD: $30.00
Police report over 100 pages: $30.00

How do I obtain a copy of an arrest report?

Posted by: Police Department

You will be required to make your request in writing to the Chief of Police. The Prosecutor will then send you a copy of the report. Arrest reports like accident reports are generally available AFTER 5 days. If the arresting offense is a felony level offense the case will be handled by the Carroll County Attorney’s Office, and you must contact them and ask how to obtain a report from them. There is no cost for a report for discovery purposes. Any request not pursuant to discovery or a subsequent request for a report will incur a fee of $15.00 for the report and plain paper photos only. If you require copies of other items the fees for said items follows:

Police report and gloosy photos or CD: $25.00
Police report with both glossy prints and CD: $30.00
Police report over 100 pages: $30.00
Police Report with Glossy prints, CD and DVD: $35.00

Are there any public beaches or boat launches in Sandwich?

Posted by: Police Department

All Sandwich recreation areas are for the residents of Sandwich. All recreation areas require a facilities permit that may be purchased at Town Hall. SPD does enforce the Town sticker requirements and a fine for parking at a recreation facility without the proper permit is $ 50.00.

Are Dogs required to be licensed?

Posted by: Police Department

Yes all dogs are required to be licensed in the Town of Sandwich. Dog Licenses are a yearly event and are due in April. There is a nominal fee for the license which may be picked up at Town Hall at the Clerk’s Office. 

Is there a “Leash Law” in the Town of Sandwich?

Posted by: Police Department

Yes, all dogs must be leashed or under the owner’s command at all times. Dogs running at large is a consistent problem in Town as, home owners who own dogs love the rural nature of our community and like to have there dogs exercise by running loose. In there lies the rub. People also enjoy our country roads and trails for walking, running, hiking, etc. and it can be a scary event for both human and dog when they encounter one another and are not familiar with one another. So please be courteous to your neighbors and keep your dogs restrained and under your supervision.

I need to be Fingerprinted for my job

Posted by: Police Department

The Division of State Police has recently changed their rules on fingerprinting applicants. You now must call the NH State Police Criminal Records Section to schedule an appointment at a facility nearest you. The number is 223-3867. The nearest facility for Sandwich is the State Police Barracks located in Tamworth. For more on the procedure, cost and contact number please follow this link to the Criminal Records Section on the State Police Website:


I need a criminal background check done.

Posted by: Police Department

Per State Law Police Departments are not allowed to conduct criminal background checks that are not related to a law enforcement matter and or investigation. All background checks for employment or for rental agreements and any other matter must be performed by the Criminal Records Section of the NH State Police. In order to obtain a copy of your criminal record or someone else's you must first fill out the proper application. You must present yourself in person at the Criminal Records Section in Concord or have your application certified by a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public if you are mailing it. For further information pleae follow this link to the Criminal Records Section:


Where can I buy 250th commemorative items

Posted by: 250th Anniversary Committee

- During some events, we will have a table set up with our memorabilia.

- During normal business hours, our commemorative items are available for purchase in the Selectmen's Office.  Feel free to email Jennifer at tos2@cyberpine.net if you like to purchase merchandise in any other manner. 

We appreciate your support!

My organization is holding a road race, walk, or parade do I need to let the Police Department know about it?

Posted by: Police Department

The answer is unequivocally YES. You or someone in your organization also needs to apply for a State Permit to conduct an event on a State road or highway. You can download the form utilizing this link: http://www.nh.gov/dot/org/operations/traffic/documents/parade.doc . The is no charge for the permit. Depending on the size, time, route and day of your event you may also be required to have a police presence for traffic and safety. This is why it is crucial that you coordinate your event with the police department. If you have any questions please contact Chief Wyman at 284-7139.