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Selectmen's Update - May 6, 2024

The Board met with Carol Granfield of Municipal Resources Inc. during the work session to discuss the town’s upcoming organizational assessment and pay/classification study. The Board included consulting funds in the 2024 budget due to ongoing capacity discussions across all town departments and to assist in the Board’s goal of developing employee pay scales and supporting employee retention.

The Board has prioritized compensation over the last few years and has likewise been able to fill several vacancies amid a challenging hiring environment. We believe continued review of our compensation/benefit policies in addition to preservation of our organizational culture will ensure we can maintain a competitive work environment for the future.

The Board signed/approved several items in the work session and regular meeting:

  • A contract with Municipal Resources Inc.
  • Accounts Payable and payroll manifests.
  • Land Use Change Tax forms.
  • A Trustees of Trust Funds reimbursement request.
  • A facility use agreement form.
  • A bid proposal for bridge railings on Upper Road.
  • Job descriptions for the Police Chief and Police Sergeant positions.
  • A conditional employment offer for the Police Sergeant position.

The Board reviewed and denied a temporary use authorization request for use of the Town beach by non-residents. The Town’s Temporary Use Authorization Request form applies to any activities that are otherwise not permitted or require the Board’s pre-approval.

The Board also reviewed and denied a request to utilize the downstairs conference room for Christmas in the Village artisans. The Board previously instituted a policy of restricting use of the space for town business only (board/committee meetings).

The Board reviewed and approved meeting minutes. The Board also approved the unsealing of several non-public sessions’ meeting minutes.

The Board approved the appointment of Sarah Shinn to the Historic District Commission as an alternate member. As always, we are thrilled to have community members eager to participate on our town boards/committees!

The Board accepted the resignation of Leonard Witt from the Energy Committee; we appreciate his service to the town! That being said, there is now a vacancy on the committee. Interested community members should submit a committee member application (here) for consideration of appointment; we ask that candidates attend a committee meeting prior to requesting appointment.

In other business, the Board discussed several topics:

  • Ongoing correspondence regarding a school bus route issue in town.
  • Building permit activity for a property that has been the subject of a stipulation agreement (mediation agreement) with the town due to zoning enforcement activity.
  • Employee health insurance renewal information; the Town renews its health insurance policy annually on July 1st. The Board also reviewed and updated its health insurance eligibility/wait period criteria as the existing 60 day period was determined to be out of line with current standards.
  • Review of the latest Police Department activity report.
  • A subcommittee of the Planning Board has been formed to work on progressing updates to the Master Plan. The existing Master Plan was adopted in 2011 and awaiting 2020 census information prior to its ten-year update. Encouraged by community conversations regarding the town’s shifting demographics/population in addition to the lapse in time since its implementation, the Planning Board is working on revisions to the 2011 document.
  • The Board discussed removal of hazardous trees post-winter storms and agreed to prioritize future discussions about the town’s scenic road designations.
  • The Board is hosting a retirement celebration Thursday, May 23rd from 4 PM – 6 PM for Police Chief Shawn Varney at the Sandwich Town Hall. Please join us in thanking Chief Varney for his 14+ years of service and spread the word!

The Board next meets on Monday, May 20th for a work session and regular meeting.

Board of Selectmen