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Town Clerk's Office
icon (4)Town Clerks' Office Hours:   Tues & Thurs 8:00am to 5:30pm
Secure DROP BOX available 24/7 at the back entrance to Town Hall (top of ramp)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: 
Alison Gage
Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector:  Steve Twaddle
Phone:  603.284.7113
Fax:  603.284.6819
E-mail:  Alison Gage -   (New Emails as of 4/20/2022)
              Steve Twaddle -

NOTICE:  Boat Registrations – Renewal Notices for 2024: 

Many of you may have received boat renewal notices directly from the State of New Hampshire within the last week if you had a boat registered during 2023.   The Town Clerk is an authorized Boat Agent in accordance with rules of the Department of Safety and can process these renewals at Sandwich Town Hall.  

We can process your renewals at anytime (you do not have to wait until January 1, 2024).   If you have a new boat to register you must wait until after January 1st.

Be advised that when you complete your boat registration in Sandwich, the town fees collected STAY IN SANDWICH.  When you mail the renewal forms directly to the State of New Hampshire the state keeps the town portion of your registration, and it is not credited to the Town.

Please note you are NOT required to be a resident of Sandwich to register your boat at the Town Clerk’s office.   

In accordance with RSA 270-E:5, II (c) an additional $5 will be collected for each registration processed as an authorized agent. 

NOTICE:   Electric Vehicle Surcharge, Effective September 1, 2023

On June 6, 2023, Governor Sununu signed HB2 into law with an effective date of July 1, 2023. HB2 establishes a surcharge on annual registration for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to offset the loss of road toll revenues derived from transportation fuel taxation. The new regulation requires municipal agents to collect fees, as follows:       

Battery electric vehicles, as defined in RSA 236:132, I, shall be assessed a surcharge of $100 [Fuel Type "E" on registration]
        Plug-in hybrid vehicles, as defined in RSA 236:132, V, shall be assessed a surcharge of $50 [Fuel Type "P" on registration]

Starting September 1, 2023, vehicle types listed above will be assessed the additional charge at time of registration (prorated by number of months):
          New vehicles
          Renewal of vehicles listed above
          Registration transfers

The surcharge is only on fuel types of E (Electric) & P (Hybrid Plug-In).   Standard Hybrids (H) are not impacted.

If you have an Electric or Plug-In Hybrid that is due for Registration Renewal this September, October or November, you can come and Renew it this week (prior to Sept 1st) to avoid the surcharge for this year.

The Town Clerk's Office is open on Tuesday & Thursday only, however, a secure Drop Box available 24/7 at the back entrance to Town Hall (top of ramp).   Most transactions can be also be processed via the mail.   Kindly include a self-addressed stamped envelope if processing via mail or drop box.

The office is closed Holidays and Election Tuesdays. Call to verify hours. 

For those that are unable to come into the office, most transactions can be completed through the mail. The only exceptions are registering to vote and applying for a marriage license—both must be done in person.  Please call the office during regular office hours for specific details.  Forms of payment accepted are CASH & CHECKS ONLY. 

Services Provided by the Town Clerk 

Vehicle Registrations 

Titles are required for ALL vehicles with a model year 2000 and newer.  Please be mindful that New Hampshire NO LONGER has a 10 or 15 year Title Law. (RSA 261:3 I (k))

We accept payment by either CASH or CHECKS for motor vehicle transactions.  ALL CHECKS will be made payable to the "Town of Sandwich".  Residents no longer write checks to the State of NH.  When registering more than one vehicle at a time, you may COMBINE all vehicle fees onto ONE CHECK.

All vehicle registrations begin with the Town Clerk's office for renewals and new registrations (car, truck, trailer, motorcycle, construction vehicle, tractor, etc.).  The Clerk prepares the Registration and Title Applications when required.  Our office operates as an On-Line Municipal Agent for the State of NH Division of Motor Vehicles, allowing us to complete most transactions on behalf of the State.  We issue Passenger, Motorcycle, Trailer, Farm, Agriculture, Tractor and Moose Plates.  We are able to issue NH trailer VIN's when required and complete transactions on vehicles weighing up to 26,000 GVW.  Renewals may be processed up to 4 months early and 12 months late.  To transfer a plate to another vehicle and receive transfer credit, the current registration not a copy must be presented.  Replacements for lost registrations, plates and decals are also processed here.

Registration renewal notices are mailed each month which serve as 1) a reminder; 2) listing of all vehicles and renewal fees; 3) instructions for renewing by mail.  Someone other than the registrant may complete renewals as long as they bring the renewal mailer or the current valid registration.

Boat Registrations

The Town Clerk's office is an official Boat Agent and we are able to register and/or renew your boat registrations!  Keep Boat Fees Local!  For renewals, please bring in your paperwork sent to you by the State of New Hampshire.  A portion of the Registration fees will go to the Town of Sandwich, instead of the State.  No matter what town you reside in, you may register your boats with us.  This includes out-of-state residents intending to use a boat in NH for more than 30 consecutive days.  

In accordance with RSA 270-E:5, II (c) an additional $5 will be collected for each registration processed as an authorized agent. 


New Hampshire law requires all dogs to be licensed at four months of age, and thereafter, the licenses must be renewed annually by April 30.  The license period is May 1 through April 30.  The Town Clerk must have proof of a valid rabies vaccination before a license may be issued.  Dog licenses are available for purchase beginning in January each year.

  • Dog Licenses expire April 30, 2023.    You are welcome to leave a S.A.S.E. in our drop box with a check for your license fee (indicate dog’s name in the memo line of your check)


    •   $7.50  - Spayed Female/Neutered Male or Puppy
    • $10.00  - Male/Female (Not Spayed or Neutered)
    •   $3.00  - Senior/Owner over 65 (only 1 license at this price, all additional are regular price)
    • $21.00  - Group (5 or more dogs)

Voter Registration

If you are a resident of the Town of Sandwich, are 18 years of age, and are a United States citizen, you may register to vote in Sandwich through the Town Clerk's office or with the Supervisors of the Voter Checklist at their posted sessions.  Please bring in your NH driver’s license.  In addition, New Hampshire has a same-day voter registration law, which enables you to register at the polling place on election day.

Photo ID is required at the polls. 

Marriage Licenses

Anyone, a New Hampshire resident or not, may go to any New Hampshire City or Town Clerk's office to apply for a marriage license. Be prepared to show identification that proves you are of legal age to be married in New Hampshire. If you have been married before, you must show proof as to how the last marriage ended; certified copy of a death certificate, divorce decree or annulment. The document must have a raised seal.  Both parties must be present to sign the license before it can be issued and the license is valid immediately upon issuance and for 90 days from the date of filing. 

Vital Records

If a birth or death occurred in the State of New Hampshire, or if the Sandwich Town Clerk issued a marriage license, the Town Clerk may issue a certified copy of the record to an immediate family member or someone with a direct and tangible interest.  Positive identification is required for all vital statistic requests. Vital Records available through this office are any birth, death, marriage, or divorce that took place in the Town of Sandwich, and in addition, the following records that took place anywhere in NH: BIRTHS from 1935 to Present (except 1949 & 1950) ; DEATHS from 1965 to Present; MARRIAGES from 1960 to Present; DIVORCE from 1979 to Present.  A variety of older Vital records (genealogical) are available in the Town’s vault, dating back to the 1700’s.  These may be viewed by the public or searched by the Town Clerk upon request. 


Marriage License Application      $50.00 (expires 90 days from date issued)
Certified Copy of a Vital Record  $15.00 (first copy)
Subsequent Copy Fee                $10.00 (for records purchased at same time for same person)

Violations & Fines

Town Ordinance Violation and dog fines are paid at the Town Clerk's office.  (Parking violation fines are paid at the Police Station). 

Additional Services

Articles of Agreement and Aqua-Therm permits are processed through the Town Clerk’s office.

Notary Services are offered onsite in both the Town Clerk and Selectmen's Office (please bring a proper form of identification).

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